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Submit to GPTs Store

Choose Other if you think there's no matching category.
It won't be public.
You can make your name link to something like your Twitter or a personal website, for example.

Get your submission featured in one of 5 slots at the very top of our front page. Enjoy 7x times more clicks from our 10k unique visitors.

Will my submission appear instantly?

Free submissions are manually reviewed and approved, hence there might be a slight delay. Also, if your submission does not match the overall quality of our collection, we won't publish you.

Paid submissions are posted instantly.

How do paid submissions work?

If you only opt for a backlink, you will be appear on the All GPTs list but the author name will link to whatever site you prefer (indecent stuff will be removed and you'll get permanently banned).

You can also get your GPT featured at the very top of our front page for 1, 7, or 30 days. It works fully automatically. If there's a free slot currently (i.e. you see less than 5 featured GPTs on the front page), you'll go live right after you've completed the payment. Otherwise, you'll go live once the next slot frees up. Automatically.

You can opt for both paid upgrades, of course.

Once your booked featured listing is over, you'll be automatically moved to the All GPTs list.

Will I get an invoice for the payment?

Yes. We're using Stripe. You'll be emailed an invoice after you've completed the payment.

Are we affiliated with OpenAI or ChatGPT?

We're unaffiliated with OpenAI or ChatGPT in any way. It's a for-fun, for-community project that's designed to bridge together the launch of Custom GPTs and the launch of the official store by OpenAI.

What if I'm experiencing issues uncovered in this FAQ?

Reach out to me at [email protected].